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Hipstory | Hillary Clinton Coaster/Poster

Hipstory | Hillary Clinton Coaster/Poster

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Hipstory Collection | Hillary Clinton Coaster and Wall Poter

Digital painting, 'Great Nation' Series.

Israeli artist Amit Shimoni created this great series, depicting global political icons in the most 
improbable way possible, outfitted and styled in the latest hipster fashions.

In Shimoni's world, JFK has a nose ring and a Johnny Depp goatee and 'stache. Gandhi is, of course, a
bespectacled, tie-dye-loving hippie, and Abraham Lincoln seems to be some sort of jewelry-clad bottle
service promoter.

This great Hillary Clinton print, with Shimonis' humorous hipster makeover- 
A leaf-patterned blouse 
and a chunky, gold necklace, comes on a high quality wooden coaster,
and wall poster.

She sports a silver bob with purple tinges at the tips, and an eagle tattoo peeks out from beneath
the left sleeve of Clinton’s shirt.

Size: Coaster: 9 x 9 cm / Wall Poster: 29 x 29 cm
Material: Coaster: Laminated wood / Poster: Gallery quality art print on paper
Color: Multi Color
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