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David Gerstein

David Gerstein | Hanukiah Shalom Hamsas

David Gerstein | Hanukiah Shalom Hamsas

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Series: Hanukkah Menorah Collection by David Gerstein

Height 37.5cm (14.7") X Width 30.7cm (12") X Depth 10.6cm (4.17")
Weight: 1.55KG | 3.4 Lbs
Material: Metal 
Technique: Digital Printing on Laser Cut Metal, same print on both sides  
Color: Multi
Edition: Unlimited, Year: 2010

The design features a pair of hands arranged in the form of the Priestly Benediction, while each hand contains an eye in order to make it reminiscent of a hamsa.  Above the hands is the Hebrew word Shalom and the hands are filled with Hebrew letters. The base of the menorah spells the words Nes Gadol (a Great Miracle). 

Gerstein Design's objects are unlimited, printed editions.

The colorful design is printed on both sides of the sculpture with slight differences, to help you integrate it into your existing color scheme.  

Candle base is easily removable so you may enjoy this art piece all year round!

* Fits comfortably on any table/standard shelf.
* Use candles (excl.)
* Easily remove candles base.
* Large scale art piece.

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