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Wall Decal Pink Heart Stickers | Tayo Studio

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Upgrade Your Walls inexpensively!


We're in love!

If you wish to add a touch of design to your home, in minimum time and effort, these wall stickers are just for you!

These lovely heart stickers will upgrade any space. You may arrange the hearts in any composition which suits your wall or space.

Stickers are suitable to stick on smooth surfaces such as walls, windows, closets, etc. 

Easy to apply and remove.

Recommended  number of pages, according to the desired density and size of the area / wall.
One pack of stickers will cover an area of ​​about 2 sq. density same as the picture. 
For example, wall 220 cm wide and 260 cm high must use three packs to reach the density similar to that in the picture.



Heart size - H3 cm 

Color: Pink

Material: Vinyl 

Sold as: A4 pack comes with 45  vinyl heart stickers


Shipping - World Wide


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