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David Gerstein | Hanukkah Menorah Bird Twitters

$269.00  $279.00

Series: Hanukkah Menorah Collection by David Gerstein

Height 33cm (13") X Width 30cm (11.8") X Depth 11cm (14.3")
Material: Metal 
Weight: 1900 gr
Technique: Digital Printing on Laser Cut Metal, same print on both sides  
Color: Multi
Edition: Unlimited, Year: 2010


The David Gerstein Hanukkah Menorah collection is available now!

Hanukkia Twitters is one of our favorites! It's so rich in detail, color while giving you a total sense of nature and a peaceful vibe. Birds is a classic David Gerstein motif, and Hanukkia Twitters makes a great Holiday gift!

* Fits comfortably on any table/standard shelf.
* Use candles or oil candle wick (excl.)
* Easily remove candles base.
* Large scale art piece.



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