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David Gerstein

David Gerstein | Hamsa 'Shalom Al Israel' Motives

David Gerstein | Hamsa 'Shalom Al Israel' Motives

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Series: Hamsas by David Gerstein


Height: 22cm (8.6") Width-16cm (6.3")

Weight: 350G | 0.77 Lbs

Material: Steel

Weight: 350 gr

Technique: Serigraph on Steel

Color: Multi (printed on both sides)

Edition: Unlimited, Year: 2007

A free-standing 'Hamsa Shalom' sculpture by David Gerstein symbolizes the hope and effort for peace in Israel, decorated with Jewish Symbols. The Hamsa is one of the oldest amulet known to protect you from the evil eye and bring happiness, wealth and health into your life. The iconic Judaica symbol was carefully designed by Gerstein as part of his collection of Jewish themed works. This Hamsa features motives from the Jewish culture, candles, an olive branch, the star of David, a Pomegranate and more. At the bottom of the Hamsa is the Hebrew text "Shalom Al Israel" - Peace on Israel.

A perfect gift for the Israel lover.


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